Prefabricated Homes: A Modern Building Innovation

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Prefabricated Homes: A Modern Building Innovation

6 April 2016
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Traditional homes are built outside directly onto the lot where they will be placed. New, modern home building methods offer buyers a new way to purchase homes that are built almost entirely in a factory setting. These homes are called prefabricated houses, and they offer a wide array of benefits. Here are some ways that pre-fab homes have changed the way builders and homeowners see the construction process.

How They're Built

The prefabricated building process involves using factory-made components that are assembled inside of a large warehouse. This protects the home's structure from the elements and creates an assembly-line style construction process. Because there are no weather-related delays, homes can be built at a much quicker, more efficient pace. Examples of some of the factory-made components used include steel framing, wood panels. and factory-made flooring, doors, and windows. These materials are built in factories and then brought to the prefab construction site to begin assembling the home. 

Solid Structures

Since the components of a prefabricated home are all built to specification, they're typically composed of solid pieces. For example, slabs or decking are cut to the specific size needed, and then each piece of the home is pieced together like building blocks. Even the walls and roof can be composed of one solid piece, rather than putting them together individually like you'll find with traditional construction. This eliminates the need to piece wood together with nails or use other smaller parts and pieces, providing a much more solid structure as a result. The process also reduces the possibility of human error since the homes are designed using drafting software that gives factories the exact specifications and measurements to manufacture each piece precisely.


Most prefabricated homes are built in a modular style, meaning that they're comprised of separate block-like sections. If a homeowner wants to make an addition, it's just a matter of removing and then adding new pieces to fit. This provides a lot of opportunities for creativity and gives homeowners plenty of room to grow as their needs change. The additional room can be built at the factory and then brought to the home where it can be added in much less time than if an addition were to be built on site. The time to produce prefabricated homes and additions is cut down significantly because there's much less manual labor required to get the job done. This new modern way to build homes is changing the way builders do business and it provides a viable choice for anyone looking to buy a new home. 

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