3 Considerations When Selecting Your Next Roof

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3 Considerations When Selecting Your Next Roof

11 November 2015
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If you are in the market for a new roof, there are factors you need to consider beyond the aesthetic value of your selection. By considering factors that affect the durability of your roof and how your roof affects your entire home, you will be more satisfied with your choice.


Part of your decision when selecting a roof should depend on the average temperatures in your location. If you live in an area that typically experiences harsh winters with significant amounts of frozen precipitation, you may want to invest in a metal roof. Since several inches of snow on your roof can cause structural damage and it is often too risky to remove the snow and ice yourself, a metal roof can impede accumulation and facilitate melting of frozen precipitation.

If your area tends to experience hot, humid summers, reducing mold growth and preventing damage to your roof from the natural swelling and contraction of materials might be more important. You may want to avoid wooden shingles on your roof, since wood is more susceptible to moisture and will crack easier with repetitive swelling and contracting. Wood is also not ideal in hot, dry climates that experience many thunderstorms, since a lightning strike will quickly cause a fire.


The color of the roof you choose may be influenced by temperature variations in your area. If high temperatures are more of a concern, you will want to stay away from dark colored roofing materials. Since darker colors absorb heat, it will make your home hotter and more difficult to cool during the warmer months. The converse is true if cold weather is more of a concern. You want your roof to absorb as much heat as possible during the cooler months to help with your heating costs. If you do not have a need based on temperature, it is better to choose a roof with a medium color.

Vulnerability To Large Pests

Check with local pest control companies to determine if there are frequent problems with large pests in your area. For example, roof rats are increasingly common in some areas. Since you are replacing your roof, you may want to take advantage of the opportunity to protect your home from larger pests. Roof rats and other rodents can easily chew through materials such as wood or asphalt shingles. At minimum, if you want shingles on your roof, ensure there is a protective layer under your shingles that cannot be easily infiltrated by large pests.

Before you decide on your next roof, take into consideration the weather patterns in your area to help you select the best color and materials. Additionally, recognizing other vulnerabilities that could shorten the duration of your roof will help you make your decision.

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