Suggestions You Can Give Your Clients When Building Their Custom Home

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Suggestions You Can Give Your Clients When Building Their Custom Home

14 October 2015
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When it comes to a custom home build, your clients likely have a lot of ideas. Some of them you may question, but as their contractor it's your job to see the majority of their desires come to completion. Some homeowners may be at a loss as to how they can get the most out of their luxury home, and this is where you can make suggestions to help them enjoy their property even more. Here are some suggestions you can give your clients when building their custom home that can help them enjoy their high end home even more.


Lighting never goes out of style, but many homeowners don't see how essential (and beneficial) custom lighting can be in certain areas of their home. Suggest lighting under kitchen cabinets to illuminate counter tops, or a skylight in the kitchen to make high ceilings appear more intimate and whimsical. If your clients want a large patio area surrounding their home, suggest outdoor lighting placed under valances to give their home balance and light up dark areas that are overshadowed by recessed roofing.


If your clients want a custom staircase built in their home, they can make great use of the space under their stairs in the form of luxury, secluded storage. Show your clients how under-stair storage can be beneficial to them.

Bathrooms are also great areas where storage can be expanded. Suggest a separate room for the toilet and tub in the master bathroom with a door that opens into a walk-in closet with a sink and counter for easy dressing and grooming. Dividing a bathroom helps keep the space more private while opening up the master bedroom for more open, inviting space.


A large luxury home can be kept in balance with front double doors. Double doors complement a large entry way and give your clients a feeling of living in a grandiose space. They also allow for large space when moving furniture into the home or inviting large quantities of guests. Also suggest French doors opening out to patios for an open, whimsical appeal.


Your clients may want large windows in their great room, living area, or family room. Suggest bay windows for charming window seating for reading, relaxing, or just to open up a room and break up its square frame.

There are many ways you can make a custom home even more enjoyable for your clients. If your clients want a home that is more unique or functional in style, don't be afraid to let them know the various lighting, window, storage, and door options that are available to them.

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