How To Replace A Furnace Filter

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How To Replace A Furnace Filter

2 September 2015
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The filter is the first line of defense for your furnace, as it protects the unit from dirt, dust and debris being sucked into the motor of the machine. Over time dust and debris will build up on the filter and completely block the air from passing through. When the air filter is blocked it will prevent the furnace from reaching the temperature that you set at the thermostat, which will make the motor run that much harder. It is important to change out the filter to the unit at least twice a year. Here is a list of step-by-step instructions to teach you how to change out the air filter on your furnace.

1 - Make sure you purchase the correct size replacement filter for your specific furnace. If you don't know the size of the filter you need to purchase, you can check the size of the filter on the side of the old one. Keep in mind that the cheapest filters are not always the best ones, as they may need to be changed more frequently.

2 - Start by turning off the furnace at the electrical panel inside the house to make sure that that there is no possibility of an electrical surge while you work on the unit. Make sure that the electrical switch for the furnace is completely switched to the off position.

3 - Follow the duct work as it leads into the furnace, and right where the two meet you should find the air filter cover. Remove the cover to expose the air filter. Some covers simply slide up to allow access to the filter, and others have screws holding the cover in place that must be unscrewed.

4- - Slide the old, dirty filter out and note the direction that the arrows on the filter are pointing before removing it. The old filter can then be disposed of in a trash bin or taken to a waste disposal site.

5 - Slide the new filter into the exact same spot as the old one, with the arrows matching the direction of the air flow.

6 - Put the cover back into place over top of the air filter to make sure that the filter is covered and secure.

7 - Turn the electricity to the unit back on by flipping the switch to the furnace at the electrical panel to complete this task. The furnace should immediately turn back on and start up again.

If for any reason the furnace does not turn back on or the machine is not coming up to the proper heat level, then you should call in the help of a professional furnace technician to diagnose what the problem is.

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