Call In The Picker Truck: 3 Unique Uses

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Call In The Picker Truck: 3 Unique Uses

27 July 2015
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Industrial equipment plays an important role in helping construction crews complete their assigned tasks. While a picker truck, which is a truck that contains an extendable bucket in which a worker can stand in to reach high elevations, is a common object seen on construction sites, these trucks have had some unique uses throughout the years.

To help you better understand the versatility of a picker truck, here are three situations where people found unique ways to use these industrial vehicles.

1. A picker truck was used to place hats on statues.

When London wanted to make an impression on visitors in 2012, the mayor turned to a picker truck for help. Each year London plays host to HATWALK, which is an event designed to pay tribute to the milliners (or hat makers) of London.

An enormous statue of Admiral Lord Nelson resides in Trafalgar Square, which sits at the heart of the event. Using a picker truck for assistance, workers were able to place a hat designed especially for Lord Nelson on the statue's head. Visitors were wowed by the creativity of the event, which was made possible only through reliance on a picker truck.

2. Picker trucks are used to rescue riders from a roller coaster.

The thrill associated with riding a roller coaster is attractive to many people, but these roller coasters can occasionally malfunction with passengers still aboard. In these circumstances, workers use a picker truck to help rescue stranded riders.

To put the need for a picker truck in roller coaster rescues into perspective, one incident in 2014 saw passengers stranded on a malfunctioning ride 79 feet in the air. Ladders would be unable to reach passengers at that elevation, so it's easy to see how a picker truck can play an invaluable role in roller coaster rescues.

3. Picker trucks make movies possible.

While many movies are shot in sound studios where crews have access to scaffolding that can support the weight of their equipment, some scenes require that crews shoot on-location. In these circumstances, access to a picker truck is important.

Lighting plays an important role in ensuring the quality of a filmed scene, and stage lights can be very heavy. Without scaffolding to attach these lights to while on-location, crews often turn to picker trucks for assistance. Lighting fixtures can be attached to the bucket of a picker truck, and the bucket can be extended out over the actors to provide the necessary overhead lighting for a scene.

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