The Benefits Of PVC Gutters

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The Benefits Of PVC Gutters

2 July 2015
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PVC gutters are an alternative to the more traditional aluminum or steel gutters that most homes use. Because of PVC's distinct qualities as a building material, PVC gutters provide a unique set of benefits to the roofs that they are installed on. Understanding what PVC gutters have to offer can help you decide whether or not they are the right fit for your home.

The Benefits of PVC Gutters

Seamless: PVC gutters are made out of molded plastic, and are made in a single long unit. This means that they snap together when installed, and do not have the seams that traditional metal gutters do. This means that it is much less likely for debris to get stuck in your gutters or leaks to develop, as there are no weak spots in the gutter. This helps reduce overall maintenance and allows your gutter system to operate as it should for longer periods of time.

Flexibility: A huge benefit of PVC gutters is that it will not dent or become banged out of shape due to physical trauma. PVC is naturally slightly flexible, which allows it to hold up to physical damage better over time and return to their shape once pressure has been removed. This helps prevent damage from occurring to your gutters, reducing long run maintenance and repair costs.

Aesthetic Customization: Since PVC is made out of plastic, it comes in a wide variety of different colors and shades. Additionally, there are many different shapes of PVC gutters available, which means that you can choose the type of gutter that best suits the appearance of the exterior of your house. It also means that you won't have to deal with painting your gutters as you would with aluminum systems, as the gutters are already colored.

Ease of Installation: PVC gutters are extremely lightweight, which makes it much easier to get up on a ladder and install them on your roof. This makes it easier and saves you time if you are installing the gutters yourself, and saves both time and money if you have professionals install your gutters.

Weather Resistant: PVC gutters are immune to rot, rust, pest infestation, and hold up extremely well to changing temperatures. PVC gutters will never freeze or contract when exposed to cold weather, which means that the structural integrity of your gutters will hold up very well in areas where severe winters are common. 

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