3 Tips To Keep Your Parking Lot Looking Great

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3 Tips To Keep Your Parking Lot Looking Great

20 June 2015
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As a business owner, you want to make sure your business is always in top form. From the inside of the store to the parking lot, everything should look amazing at all times. After all, you don't want some to hurt themselves out in your parking lot because you neglected to take care of a small problem. Here are a few tips to help make sure your parking lot always looks great and keeps the customers coming back for more.

1. Fix cracks and potholes.

This is more important than ever. You don't want a customer walking through the parking lot and getting their heel or foot stuck in a pothole, do you? Before you know it, they have twisted their ankle and are coming after you for medical bills. During the winter months, water can end up pooling in the potholes and forming ice. The cracks will end up freezing, expanding and making your problem even worse than what it was in the beginning. Bring someone out there who can take care of the problem at the first sign of trouble and who is an expert in crack sealing in Courtenay. It will save you a lot of time and headache along the way.

2. Sweep the leaves, debris and dirt up.

Having a parking lot that is covered with dirt and contaminants not only looks bad, but it also poses a health hazard for any customer coming in to your business. Drivers get stuck trying to drive around a bunch of clutter or risk having their tires damaged because they ran over something sharp. All in all, you need to have someone sweep your parking lot and make sure it is clean and tidy. For those with porous pavement, you will have to sweep the ground on a regular basis to make sure the dirt doesn't get into all of the holes that were put there for the water to drain properly.

3. Have the pavement coated every couple of years.

A sealcoat helps maintain your pavement and slows down the decomposition of the material. While every couple of years is just a suggestion, you need to calculate the time between your coatings based upon how much the parking lot is used and the type of weather you have had in the area lately. If you notice cracking or fading more quickly, it might be time to bring someone out there to take care of it for you.

You want to make sure your parking lot is ready to handle any customers that come along, which means having it inspected on a regular basis for potential repairs that need to be done.