Advantages Of Slot Trenching Through Hydro-Excavation

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Advantages Of Slot Trenching Through Hydro-Excavation

1 June 2015
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Slot trenching tends to be a very common purpose for hydro-excavation. Slot trenching is the process of creating relatively narrow trenches for a variety of different purposes. Possible purposes include installing pipes, utility lines, or sprinkler systems, uncovering previously laid utility lines, and installing ground lines around a foundation's perimeter. 

Although in the past other equipment such as mechanical ditch trenchers were used for slot trenching, hydro-excavating has rapidly taken over as the major means of carrying out this excavation task because of the many advantages it offers. The following are some of these advantages:

Less destructive

Hydro-excavation is a less destructive means of excavating for slot trenching that is far less likely to cause any damage to the area being excavated. 

More precise

The precision of hydro-excavation makes it so that this method of slot trenching is sometimes the only option. Slot trenching involves much more precise work than more large scale excavation projects, and hydro-excavating is unique among excavation methods in the precision it affords. 


With hydro-excavation, damage to utility lines is less likely. This method is also safer for slot trenching because it is less labor intensive. Hydro-excavating equipment allows workers to be further removed from the actual site of excavation so that injury and mishaps are less likely. 

Minimal dirt removal necessary

Hydro-excavation will take care of a slot trenching project while removing as little dirt as possible. This makes for a more efficient and faster operation. 

Less backfilling necessary

Backfilling is a time consuming necessity when mechanical ditch trenchers or backhoes are used for slot trenching. The reduced need for backfilling in hydro-excavation makes it so that slot trenching projects can be carried out much faster. 

More cost-effective

Because hydro-excavation involves less labor than more manual means of slot trenching, it generally costs less. Excavating through the use of backhoes or manual digging will require more hours of labor per worker than operating hydro-excavating equipment. 

More soil types workable

Hydro-excavating can be used to complete slot trenching projects in a wide variety of soil types. While soil types are limited with some slot trenching methods, hydro-excavating can be accomplished in even sandy or sloughing soils. 

Quicker restoration

The cleanup process is much quicker after hydro-excavating than after other methods of slot trenching. While even hydro-excavating may cause some slight disruption, landscaping will be less disrupted and much more quickly restored after slot trenching via hydro-excavation. Contact a company like Arctic Backhoe Services Ltd for more information.