How To Make Glass Jar Lights And Lamps

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How To Make Glass Jar Lights And Lamps

11 May 2015
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If you want to add some creative lighting to your home, you can use different sized glass jars to create some fun lights and lamps. When you make your own glass jar lights, you are in control of giving them a design that works perfectly for your home's décor. You can also choose the brightness of the lighting to meet the needs of the area in which it will be used.

Making a nightlight

To make a glass jar night light, you want to fill the jar with decorations of your choice, leaving about an inch and a half from the top to allow room for the light to fit inside the jar. These items can include seashells, marbles, silk flowers, decorative rocks or anything else that goes with the décor of your bathroom. Take a plastic tea light and use hot glue to glue it to the bottom of the jar lid.

Another way to make a night light is to drill a hole in the glass jar at least an inch from the bottom. Feed a string of small decorative lights through the hole and wind them around the inside of the jar. You can drill a hole by using a drill and a diamond drill bit. Keep the lid on the jar and plug the lights in.

Make a glass jar lamp

You can make a very creative lamp for your end table by using a jar. You can paint the jar, or fill it with various items to decorate it. Lamp kits can be purchased at most hobby and big box stores. The kits will include the lamp socket and attachments, as well as the power cord. Use a drill to drill a hole in the jar large enough to fit the bottom attachment and slide it into place, then screw the washer on from the bottom of the lid. These kits offer you the ability to run the cord out of the socket so you don't need to drill a hole in the jar, this is the easiest option.

By creating your own lamps you are in full control of their designs. This allows you to achieve the look you are going for in any room in your home. You can also change the contents inside the glass jars as often as you want to achieve different looks when you feel you want something else. For more fun, creative, practical lighting tips, contact a company like Dhillon Lighting Inc light stores.