The Simple Guide To Finding Water And Drilling For Rural Homes Without Utility Services

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The Simple Guide To Finding Water And Drilling For Rural Homes Without Utility Services

4 May 2015
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If you live in an area that has few utility services, there are some basic needs like water that you will need for your home. This can be difficult if you are not sure where the best place to drill is and what type of mechanical systems you need for a water well. There are a lot of things that you can do to find water and get the well for your home drilled. Here are the things you will probably want to do to find water on your property and drill your well:

Geographical Surveying To Locate The Water Table

It can sometimes be difficult to know where the best place to drill a water well is. This is why having a geographic survey done is very important. It will not only tell you where the best places are to drill for water, but it can also give you other information such as the height of water tables, soil types and other information that you need for your well and other systems for your home such as septic systems.

Choosing The Location To Drill Your Well

The location you drill your well is also important. You do not only want to drill for water in a place that will allow for a shallower well, but will also want to consider things like the location of septic systems for your home. You want to have the water well located a safe distance from your septic system, but not too far from your home. If possible, it is better to have the well located at a higher elevation than the septic system, where septic drainage will flow away from the well. This is something that the information from a geological survey can also help you with. It can help to determine the drainage of your property and the best locations for wells and septic systems to ensure that the well is not contaminated.

Deciding On The Type Of Pump To Use For Your Well

You will also need to decide on the type of pump that you use for your well. Submersible pumps are a common solution for well pumps. This is because they are installed in the casing of the well, which can help protect the system from freezing and other problems. In some cases, you may want to have a well house built with an above ground pump, which you will want to also protect the system from weather and freezing. This may be a little more costly, but it can make maintenance and repairs to your well better. It can also give you the option of using solar panels to power your pump and other equipment.

These are some of the things that you will need to do when having a well drilled for your home. If you are going to need a well drilled for water service to your home, contact a water well drilling service like Field Drilling Contractors Ltd to get the help you need with all of these things.