Ideas For A Terraced Deck

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Ideas For A Terraced Deck

9 April 2015
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Perhaps you need to accommodate a sloping yard, or you want to connect a second-story deck to the one below. Maybe a multi-level deck simply makes sense for your organizational needs. Whatever the reason, design an attractive deck with terraced levels.

Material Options

Terraced decks are often made of hardwood with either wooden or metal railings. Hardwood comes in numerous options and finishes, making it a versatile choice. Stone pavers and tiles are beautiful options for traditional or Mediterranean style decks. Concrete and composite can be used to simulate wood or stone with less up-front cost and less maintenance.

Design Considerations

Better Homes and Gardens suggests setting specific goals for your deck before even beginning the planning process. For the multi-level deck, decide what the focal point of each terrace will be. Consider what activities you want your deck to accommodate, such as dining, lounging or gardening. Decide which actions require close proximity to the house and which are fine farther away. Finally, keep in mind installations such as fire pits, built-in seating and pools.

Outdoor Dining

If you plan to do a lot of cooking outdoors, the kitchen area of the terraced deck should be closer to the house. That allows you to carry ingredients back and forth with ease. In that case, the actual dining space can be on a different level, though still not far from the cooking area.

If you envision more indoor cooking with dining al fresco as the culmination, group the furniture on the house-level terrace. Plan for extra space on this deck to accommodate a serving table as well as a mini drinks station.

Lounge Space

One of the benefits of an outdoor deck is having a space to curl up in the sunshine. Build a terrace in a spot that receives full sunlight. If you're planning a water feature, this is the terrace for the fountain or pool. The sound of running water creates a feeling of isolation no matter how close your neighbors are. For added privacy, install an arbor or a pergola with climbing plants, which also affords you some shade.

Garden Area

If you enjoy gardening, reserve one small terrace as your garden workstation. This terrace can be farthest from the house – in fact, it should be closest to the garden itself. Include built-in storage for all your garden tools and a table for the actual gardening. To hide the work materials, consider having a planter installed that doubles as a screen for your workstation.

A terraced deck is not only an attractive way to handle a slope or multi-level house, it's an excellent method for dividing your space. Plan your deck to accommodate your outdoor living style. Contact R T Weatherproofing & Decking Inc for more information.