3 Terrific Ideas For Remodeling Your Basement

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3 Terrific Ideas For Remodeling Your Basement

6 April 2015
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It's about time the basement started pulling its own weight in your home. No more just sitting there taking up space. Transform your basement into a useful space that complements your home and your lifestyle.

Family Room

The family room is the center of the home, right? However, it can also get a bit messy with all that living going on. Tucking the family room into the basement is the perfect solution.

Start with the windows – no one's going to want to congregate in a dim room. If possible, replace simple windows with attractive, multi-paned ones or even French doors. The increased glass will let more light in.

If you have children, Better Homes and Gardens suggests having large shelving units installed to house all their toys, books and other kid-related accoutrements. Include lots of storage space not only for their belongings but for the overflow from the rest of your home.

Hobby Center

Hobby rooms are another area that are difficult to keep tidy. That makes transforming your basement into a hobby center a useful idea.

Casement windows are a good choice for a hobby center. They allow you to open the space up more fully, which is important if your hobby includes any chemicals or dust-creating activities. If possible, incorporate transom windows as well to further promote ventilation.

Concerning storage, customize the shelving to accommodate the tools and materials for your specific hobbies. For instance, if you're a crafter, you'd probably appreciate drawers with lots of little compartments. A sewer might prefer a cubby for the sewing machine. Be sure to incorporate lots of task-specific lighting in your basement design as well.

Spare Bedroom

A classic idea for finishing a basement is creating a spare bedroom. In fact, if your basement is large enough, you can turn it into a guest suite complete with closet and attached bathroom.

Double-hung windows are a good choice for a spare bedroom in your basement. If your house's layout accommodates it, have a sliding glass door installed to make the space a charming retreat. If there's not a lot of window space in your basement, though, at the very least incorporate high transom windows to keep the area cheery.

Closet space in the spare bedroom can do double duty as storage for your home's needs. Likewise, the bathroom can be expanded to include your washer and dryer. Alternatively, have the laundry room abut the bathroom so that the two can share plumbing.

The most attractive renovation gets lost if there's not enough light to see it by. So, when you're planning your basement remodel, give extra attention to the window situation. contact a company like A-1 Concrete Cutting & Coring Ltd for more tips.