Reinforcing Data Centers With Steel Framing

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Reinforcing Data Centers With Steel Framing

10 March 2015
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An efficient, secure data center needs to have a strong infrastructure that is flexible enough to hold any new system the company encounters. From blade servers to heavy cooling units, the needs of a data center may call for precision or large scale support. As you design your next data center addition or consider changing around server racks, consider a few ways that a team of general contractors could help you.

Server Rack And Rail Customization

Many computer business with server and storage space are getting into colocation, a technique where a customer's files or actual machines are managed inside the data center company's infrastructure.

Offering your own space as a leased data center is a great way to gain income while allowing your customer to do all of the configuration and management, but standardized server racks are often thwarted by changing standards. Whether your client is using an old system with an old standard or trying out a third party system with no standards at all, you'll need to adapt for that sale.

A steel fabrication team can take the dimensions of your incoming equipment to build a rack that can support all of the needed parts. For added customization, the rack can be built with rails that can easily slide in and out. The components will remain compact when not being worked on and can be pulled out cleanly and efficiently when maintenance is necessary.

Security Caging And Fast Locking

If you need extra security for your equipment or spare parts, putting everything inside a locked room may not be an option. Some equipment may be too big, so you'll need to improvise. Using steel frames to build a secure cage for your equipment can give you a quick, strong form of physical security. By using existing walls, flooring and ceiling as binding points, you can either build a permanent mesh wall or a sliding rail system to lock away certain components when security is necessary.

For specific computers, a locked cage can be built according to the computer's dimensions. The ports on the back of the computer can be protected by a slanted design that makes it difficult to add or remove cables without completely cutting off the connection. 

Commonly accessed ports such as Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports can be secured with a locking latch design, paired with security keys or a number lock system. If you need a heavy-duty physical security plan for your data center, get in contact with a general contractor team like Castle Rock Enterprises to begin working on your new additions.