Four Ways Cedar Shakes Can Be Used On Your Home But Not Your Roof

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Four Ways Cedar Shakes Can Be Used On Your Home But Not Your Roof

3 February 2015
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If you like the look of cedar shakes, they can be used for more than just the roofing on your home. They can be used as wall coverings, siding and decorative detailing on your home. Here are four ways that cedar shakes can be used other than on the roof of your home:

1. Using Shakes For Siding

Siding can come in many different forms, and cedar shakes are a great siding option for your home. You can use them for the entire exterior finish of your home, or just for some details. If you want to have a siding that contrasts other features, cedar shakes can be used for gable ends and other features to give your home more of a unique look. There are also options for installation, such as woven corners, which is where the shakes continue around the corners and no corner-boards are used.

2. Decorative Details For Columns

Cedar shakes can also be used as a covering for things like columns on porches. This is something that is often seen on craftsman-style homes. You can have them as the finish for the base of a column, or you can have a masonry base and the shakes as a finish on the top of the columns. You can also use shakes here that are larger than the typical roofing shakes for a different look.

3. Interior Wall Finishing Solution

If you have a lot of wood finish work on the interior of your home, shakes can also make an attractive wall covering that will last. You can use them as the trim for a fireplace hearth, or use them as covering for the backside of a bar area. If you are doing a rustic interior design for your home, shake wall covering is a great option to give your home the warm feeling of wood. It will also give your home the aromatic smell of cedar.

4. Detail On Outdoor Privacy Fencing

Cedar is often used for picket type fences, but you can also use shakes for a different look. This works best if you are just doing a small section, such as the upper half of a masonry fence. It can also be a great look for privacy walls on a deck. The shakes can also be installed as details for fence caps, columns or on the gates of your fence.

These are some of the ways that you can use cedar shakes on your home. If you need help with the installation of these features, contact a cedar shake installer and have them give your home a different look.