How To Winterize Your Home

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How To Winterize Your Home

2 February 2015
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Oftentimes, with cold air comes a higher heat bill. When it comes to heating your home, you have the control to save money and energy. By winterizing your home, you can heat it up more efficiently and prepare your home for a cold season. With three simple tips, your home will heat up more effectively and save you money on your next energy bill. 

Seal Up Any Leaks

Cold air can get into your home even through the smallest opening. To help keep out the cold air, you want to make sure all leaks are sealed up. Using caulk, fill in any openings you find located around windows and doors. Over time, the seals around your windows and doors can start to weaken and allow the cold air in. You also want to check attics, basements, and chimneys for any openings. Just place a strip of caulk where you find a small gap and this will create an airtight seal. Areas where there are pipes and vents can also have openings. Check in closets and under cabinets where your plumbing lies. By doing this, you could save up to 20% on your heating bill. 

Replace Old Appliances

Old appliances like furnaces and boilers could be sending your energy bill sky high. In order to heat your home more efficiently, you need to make sure your heating system is running properly. Annual preventative maintenance can provide you insight on whether your systems are running at an efficient level. The older the system gets, the more likely it will need to be updated for efficiency. Consider replacing your old systems with new Energy Star systems. You can feel confident, these new energy efficient systems will help save you money on your energy bill as you continue to use them. In many cases, you save on your purchase with rebates and tax credits from the government and local dealer (such as Wightman Mechanical). 

Adjust Your Window Treatments

Winterizing your home doesn't have to cost you a lot of time or money. It can be as simple as adjusting your window treatments throughout the day. For windows that face the sun, you want to pull them back to allow heat to come in through the window. This is one of the simplest ways to heat up a room. Before you go to bed at night, you want to make sure you close up all your window treatments to avoid letting cold air get into the home. By doing this, you can cut down on the heat you are using to warm up your home.