New Home? Here's How To Fake A Mature Lawn

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New Home? Here's How To Fake A Mature Lawn

13 January 2015
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There are probably a lot of things that you love about your brand new home, but one thing that you might not like is the fact that you don't have a mature lawn. Unfortunately, you can't exactly make trees and plants grow more quickly, but there are things that you can do to fake a mature lawn. Try these tips, and you can make your lawn look a lot more well-established than it really is.

Purchase Mature Trees

Although you might have already thought about purchasing pre-grown flowers and shrubs, one thing that you might not have thought about is purchasing mature trees. Luckily, however, you can buy beautiful, fully-grown trees from a tree moving service, which can instantly give your lawn a more mature look and feel. Contact a company like Caledon Treeland for more information about transplanting trees.

Look for Plants That Grow Quickly

Some plants grow much more quickly than others, so look for those that grow large and grow fast. One example is to buy climbing plants or vines; they typically grow very quickly, and because they spread, they will make your lawn look like you have more plants than you really do. Fresh herbs smell good, look great and also spread and grow very quickly, plus you can use them in your cooking; you can get started with fresh mint or basil in bare areas to bring some color to your lawn.

Use Fake Turf

You may have never thought about using fake turf before, but it can be a wonderful option if your lawn looks bare and you want a beautiful, green look. Just as it looks great on golf courses and on many commercial properties, it's sure to look great on your lawn. Plus, you won't have to worry about it turning brown during the winter, and taking care of it will be a breeze.

Use Other Decor

Your lawn doesn't have to be filled with mature plants to look established. Try using other forms of decor to fake it until your plants really take off. For example, you can fill your flowerbeds with beautiful colored mulch or rock, and you can use things like water fountains, fish ponds and statues to give your lawn a beautiful look. People might not even notice that you don't have mature plants, and everything will be very easy to maintain.

Although you might not prefer the look of your not-so-mature lawn, there are ways that you can fake the look that you're going for. Try these tips, and you can enjoy the look of your lawn until your plants really take off and grow.