3 Everyday Maintenance Tips For Your Garbage Disposal

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3 Everyday Maintenance Tips For Your Garbage Disposal

9 January 2015
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The garbage disposal in your kitchen sink helps you to manage food waste and minimize your risk of clogs in your plumbing. It helps to keep your sink sanitary and it just overall makes your life much easier. If you ever run into a bind with your plumbing, professional services are the way to go in order to get a fast response. However, there are things you can do on a daily basis to keep your garbage disposal running smoothly. Here are three everyday maintenance tips for your garbage disposal.

Be conscious of what you are trying to put down the drain.

Your garbage disposal is equipped to handle many different types of food waste; however, some kinds of food waste are better to pitch into the trash than put down the drain. For example, bread is not a good candidate for the garbage disposal. When bread gets wet, it gets a mushy consistency that is hard for the blades to break up. Since the blades of the disposal cannot chop wet bread into manageable pieces, it could get stuck in the plumbing and begin molding over time while also creating a blockage. Solid food waste cut into small pieces can be put through your garbage disposal. Save the rest for the trash.

Run cold water in the sink while using the blades.

You should always run water while using the blades of your garbage disposal. Water helps to direct the food waste downward toward the blades and keeps it traveling down the drain into the pipes, reducing your chances of a blockage. Further, you should run cold water instead of hot water. When trying to send oils and greases down the garbage disposal, cold water is best because it keeps oils and greases in their solid forms and the blades can chop them up. Hot water causes oils and greases to ooze down the drain as liquids that can clump up in your plumbing and create clogs.

Use your garbage disposal often to keep it in top shape.

Running your garbage disposal often is the key to keeping it in top shape. You should ideally run your garbage disposal each time you wash a load of dishes. This tactic keeps your garbage disposal in good shape because it keeps food waste from building up in your drain. You do not want to overfill your garbage disposal. Also, running your garbage disposal often keeps you apprised of whether it may need repairs.

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