3 Ways To Make Sure Your Garage Door Setup Is As Safe As Possible

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3 Ways To Make Sure Your Garage Door Setup Is As Safe As Possible

2 January 2015
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Automatic garage doors are an excellent modern convenience. They allow us to open and close our garage doors without leaving our vehicle and ensure that everything in the garage is properly protected. However, this protection and convenience needs to be properly regulated due to the extremely heavy nature of the garage door. An automatic garage door that is not properly functioning can pose a danger to those around it. Fortunately, there are three ways that you can protect your loved ones and make sure that your garage door stays safe.

1. Check the Automatic Reversal System Every Month

Every garage door is required to come with an automatic reversal system. There are two types of systems. The first type of system is when the garage door senses that is has touched something beneath it before it was expecting to touch the ground. When this happens, it will automatically go back up to stop the person or item underneath the door from being hurt. The second type of reversal system is one that has a sensor that senses movement beneath the door. If movement is sensed, the door will automatically reverse. Find out which reversal system you have and test it by either pushing a wagon beneath the door or placing a 2 by 4 board beneath the door. This test should be performed every month.

2. Make Sure that the Controls for the Door Are Mounted High

Children love pressing buttons. This can be a problems if the buttons that they press control a very heavy door. To make sure that your car is not inadvertently crushed by children playing around with the door controls, ensure that they are mounted well out of your children's reach. Also talk to your children about proper garage door safety and how only adults should use the control panel. 

3. Make Sure that Your Garage Door is Balanced

If your garage door is out of balance, this can cause it to wear out more quickly and require repairs. To make sure that your garage door is in balance and is not a danger, attempt to manually open and close the garage door by pulling or lifting on the handle. If the garage door moves smoothly up and down, then it is in balance. If the garage door is hard to operate manually, then it is out of balance.

For more information about making sure that your garage door is safe, contact a local overhead door service provider like Action Door Services Ltd.