3 Ways You Can Customize Your Home's Walkway To Express Your Home's Personality

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3 Ways You Can Customize Your Home's Walkway To Express Your Home's Personality

23 December 2014
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The walkway to your home should complement the exterior of your home and give your guests an idea of what they can expect when they walk inside. If you want your walkway to be more inviting rather than just designed in classic cement, you're in luck. There are many attractive and beautiful designs you can use to customize your walkway to benefit your home's personality best. Here are 3 of them.

Flagstone gives your home an earthy feel

If your home is cottage or historic design, then flagstone can help exemplify the unique earthy qualities it has. Flagstone is a flat sedimentary rock that is usually laid out for a walkway in uneven pieces to give a path a natural appeal. Often, sandstone is installed with spaces in between each stone so that grass and dirt can create a natural border to the stone. This walkway material is easy to install and comes in a variety of shapes and colors to appeal to anyone who is looking for an earth-inspired entry to their home.

Brick pavers give your home a modern appeal

The fun thing about paving your walkway is that you get to choose the design, pattern, and color of your pavers so they match your home's overall decor and give you the appeal you want. Work with your paving contractor to help you achieve an ideal walkway that you can love. Brick comes in classic red, gray, tan, and even bluish pavers that you can enjoy installing in your walkway. To give your walkway more appeal, pave up to your front porch so your steps are just as inviting as the path is to your home.

Stained concrete gives your current walkway pizazz

If you don't want to redesign your entire walkway or you are working with a budget, then staining your concrete is a great way to customize this area of your property. Staining helps your walkway blend in with the rest of your home, and makes plain concrete modern and inviting.

Choose among popular colors in earth tones, such as beige, tan, brown, and even gray to give your home a redecorated look without a lot of remodeling or cost. Make sure to choose a water-resistant stain, and have your paving contractor fill any cracks or uneven surfaces in your concrete prior to staining so you can have even, smooth results.

You can customize your walkway in many ways to allow your home to express its personality inside and out. From using sandstone to simply staining your current concrete, you can create a design and style you will love. (For more information, contact a company such as Dawson Construction Ltd)