How Office Design Affects Your Work

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How Office Design Affects Your Work

1 October 2014
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Have you ever thought about the layout of your office? Does the place you work every day have a positive or negative affect on you? If you are thinking about designing and building a new office for your business or practice, read on to find out how different models and office designs can affect you and the work you do.

The Affect on Your Mental Being

You may not even give it much thought, but your environment has a big impact on your mood and mentality. Studies have suggested that the recent trend in open cubicles and offices with clear windows from top to bottom can be detrimental to those who inhabit such types of offices. 

Sick days increase and productivity can decrease when everyone can see you all day at work. Interestingly, trusting relationships are actually hindered by open cubicles and offices. Distractions also abound in open cubicle settings, making it hard to concentrate and put in a full day's work.

Do keep in mind, however, that open office design can be useful, depending on the type of job that needs to get done. If a job requires co-worker interaction and group projects, open offices can increase productivity. If, however, a job requires concentration and peaceful quiet, keep that in mind when designing an office. 

Design an office according to your needs. Remember that just as some office designs can reduce output and productivity due to poor design, so can some offices increase output if designed to support and enable positive moods. 

The Affect on Your Physical Being

The lighting can affect your health as well as your mood. Too much lighting and screen time can cause headaches and dry eyes. Too little lighting also cause eye strain if you read much. If your eyes are too strained or dried, sick days can follow as you will need to restore and heal your eyes. If you do not get enough light every day, you may develop low vitamin D levels as well as Seasonal Affective Disorder, which would affect your productivity at work.

Incorporate nature where possible in an office setting. If you have a choice between fake or real plants, opt for the real plants. Try to choose plants that purify the air, like ferns, Peace Lilies, or Dracaena. It is also beneficial to have as little clutter visible in an office as possible, so keep in mind that you need to design an office that has efficient storage and cabinetry.

These are some issues to consider when designing a new office. Consult with contractors such as Antham Construction Group Inc. about what you would like your office to accomplish by its design.