3 Things To Get Rid Of Before Moving Into A New Home

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3 Things To Get Rid Of Before Moving Into A New Home

3 September 2014
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Moving can be an exciting experience that can give you the feeling of a new beginning. However, depending on what you decide to bring along, you could be carrying excess baggage. It is ideal to get rid of certain items to reduce how much space is needed in your new home and to have a fresh start. Using the list below, you should be able to move only with the items that you want and need.

Perishable Food

As you begin packing for a move, you also need to pay attention to the food that you are bringing into the house. It is easy to become distracted with packing and moving, which can lead to buying the same amount of food or even more because of the physical effort that comes with packing.

While disaster preparation supplies such as canned food and water are okay to bring along, you should avoid purchasing more perishable food than your family can consume. If you are moving far away, you will need to dispose of this food before leaving, so you are better off planning ahead of time.

Old Appliances

Many old appliances can fetch a decent price when selling locally, and the selling process is not that hard. In order to get the best price, you should thoroughly clean the appliance and use a camera to produce high quality photos that can be posted online for potential buyers to see. Depending on the appliance and where you live, you may want to focus on selling to college students or at a garage sale.

Moving into a new home is the perfect opportunity to fit in the costs for new appliances, especially with the fact that modern and energy-efficient appliances can save you upwards of 30% on utilities.

Kitchen Supplies

It is sometimes too easy to fill your kitchen up with handy gadgets such as a garlic press, lemon juicer, apple corer, and pineapple slicer, but these can take up a lot of room. Although you can clean out your kitchen at any given time, doing it before a move is ideal because you can add these kitchen supplies to other items that you are planning to give to neighbors, sell, or donate.

Cutting down on how much you bring with to your new home can be relieving, and the items above are great candidates for making this happen. Keeping the general concept of only taking the most useful items and disposing of the items above will help your move be as smooth and positive as possible. For more advice on how you can pack and move your things, talk to movers such as High Level Movers.