3 Key Components Of The Most Comprehensive Landfill Evaluation

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3 Key Components Of The Most Comprehensive Landfill Evaluation

3 January 2015
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With as much attention and focus that is put on conservation of the environment, it is easy to see why the proper landfill sites are important. While the last several years have brought about great change in the way the average consumer thinks about trash, preexisting landfills are still suffering with old habits of the past. In order to bring these existing trash zones into the more environmentally friendly modern world, it is imperative that each one is assessed properly. If you are the owner of one of the outdated waste graveyards, it is best that you have your land fill site evaluated by a professional team. There are three key components that will be evaluated.

Waste Elimination Capabilities

Landfills are often filled with tons of trash that could have been avoided through recycling. During your evaluation, the landfill service professional will take the time to determine just how much reduction could be made through recycling. This is important because it will give you an insider's look into how much space could be made through excavation.

Potential for Implementation of Modern Waste Practices

The requirements of landfills from the past were nowhere near as strict and demanding as those today. For a landfill to be considered safe, it must have the ability to employ various processes, such as odor response tactics and safe handling with industry equipment. During your evaluation, the land fill service representative will take into consideration what changes will have to be made, and if these will be a possibility under current conditions with the available space you have.

Environmental Assessment

Even with special attention to reducing waste, there is still tons of garbage that will end up in a landfill. Therefore, environmental concerns will always be at play in the landfill setting. When you are given the evaluation, there will be several concerns addressed, such as:

  • Groundwater trenches in underlying areas
  • Controlling gaseous byproducts from the waste
  • Potentials for rainwater runoff into neighboring streams and waterways
  • Environmental risk assessment related to neighboring homes and businesses

The in-depth view of the environmental consciousness of your landfill can give you a better handle on how the waste should be appropriately handled during operations.

You may think that what you have is just a land fill site of the past, but with a bit of attention from the right professional like one from Berry & Vale Contracting, you can reinvent your waste site and make it available to waste management services in your province.